UBA News (#01-02 January-February 2018)

Activities of forensic experts in Ukraine in the spotlight

The Forensic Experts Section of the Ukrainian Bar Association became a platform for discussion about the reform of forensic expert activities. Within the framework of the Section, at the turn of the year the Association held 3 events dedicated to Draft Law No. 6264 On Forensic Activity in Ukraine.

The first meeting was devoted to the nuances of experts attestation as well as the Forensic Expert Qualification Commission and certification of Forensic Experts. The main complaints aired regarding the current situation with the attestation and evaluation of experts participants was excessive bureaucratization, lack of uniform requirements for the professional level, as well as obstacles from the side of the Qualification Commission. According to the Draft, every 5 years an expert should confirm the implementation of practical activities in his/her chosen specialty and there is no need for re-qualification tests. The Forensic Expert Qualification Commission comprised of permanent members (chairman, deputy chairman, procedural specialist, secretary), and alternate members (the most experienced judicial practitioners with at least 5 years of experience, representatives from education sector, etc.). The purpose of self-government in forensic expert organization management should be carried out on principles that minimize authoritarian and corrupt components in decision-making.

The participants also considered the organization and taxation of forensic experts activity and argued about the review of expert opinions.

The next meeting was devoted to the provisions contained in the Draft devoted to the National Association of Forensic Experts and the creation of councils in its structure, as well as the convening of the first congress which should start the entire process. The Association will consist entirely of forensic experts and membership of the Association will be carried out automatically after the person has acquired the status of a forensic expert. The congress is convened by the Council of Forensic Experts at least once every 3 years.

Self-government of financing is carried out via fees for sitting the qualification examination and by annual contributions made by experts, which will be compulsory.

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