In Focus (#3 March 2018)

Exceptional Competition

The rapidly changing world of technologies, our addiction to the Internet and changes in consumer lifestyles are all shifting the business of manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
The goal is to achieve growth objectives and improve effectiveness that requires them to be responsive, flexible, innovative and prompt in introducing changes.

FMCG and Retail are exceptionally competitive sectors. Market players should always be observing the trends, monitoring competitors, researching consumer needs and preferences, clearly defining points of difference. A big portion of trade continues to move on-line, and the promotion of opportunities changes in line with trade channels. Thus, the scope of legal work in the sector is truly diverse and highly internationalized.

Our cover story speaker, Dmytro Govorun from TCM Group Ukraine, examined the FMCG market with the fresh pair of eyes of a commercial professional. He persuades us that the solutions may not only solve a problem on the ground but must be adaptable to changes, bring added value and tangible results for business.

In this latest issue our contributors raised a number of topical areas for consideration, particularly competition regulation review, most favored nation clauses in commercial contracts, acquisition of commercial real estate.

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