In Focus (#4 April 2018)

Pragmatic Agenda

Evidence of unexplained wealth used to be a second nature in emerging markets. And Ukraine is definitely a very illustrative example of different schemes and multijurisdictional pyramids. It still remains to be seen whether electronic declarations will change the situation somewhat. We’ve got used to media stories when family members and relatives of a broad range of officials expectedly turned out to possess big assets. A wave of public corruption cases is constantly predicted but, at the same time, deliberately postponed. It means the election campaign in this country for 2019 is about to start…

The commercial world is developing a much more pragmatic agenda. The financial crisis entailed exposure of fraud that was usually overlooked in terms of stability or growth. As a result, lenders now “hunt” for tricky borrowers, enlist forensic specialists and lawyers to trace their assets. The latter often come up against sophisticated schemes and well planned stratagems and, even more so, technological advancements in fraud.

Law firms confirm consistent demand for tracing and recovery services in the country and abroad. Overall, the contributors to this April issue of the UJBL examine this niche, such a relevant issue, in a very diligent and unbiased manner, giving lots of important details.

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