In Focus (#01-02 January-February 2019)

International Campaign

The global trend towards tax transparency and automatic exchange of tax information is having a rapid effect on international tax planning solutions.

The fight against harmful tax practices over the past year looks like it’s become a big international campaign. It requires changes for all stakeholders — states and related authorities, corporations and beneficial owners. These are, on the one hand, low-tax jurisdictions that for many years have been a safe harbor for withdrawn capital. On the other hand, these are often sophisticated holding structures commonly used by ex-soviet business, including Ukraine.

In response to BEPS pressure, corporations now face the huge task of reviewing business structures and preparing themselves for possible risks and consequences. And the very big question here is: are they ready or at least aware of this?

The first UJBL edition of 2019 explores the impact of Ukraine’s joining the OECD’s Multilateral Convention and new EU tax disclosure requirements, as well as challenges that the digital economy presents to tax systems. Our enthusiastic contributors also analyzed the situation with cases on recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and their impact on the country’s image. They also consider what investors expect from regulations on renewable energy.


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 Olga Usenko

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