In Focus (#7-8 July-August 2020)

Critical Importance

The technologies sector has gone through a real sustainability test during and after the recent lockdown. The global sector of hardware technologies is hugely affected – disrupted supply chains, inflationary risks on products and a decline in purchasing power. By contrast, software production and telecom services came under abnormal pressure and followed impetus for growth. E-commerce, streaming services, remote working technologies, IT security, video conferences applications and other related solutions experience an unprecedented rise.

Lots of issues like data privacy, cyber security and better client experience came to the top for many businesses. The critical importance of the telecom industry, which comes from staying connected, may result in review of the strategies of its key players.

Another interesting assumption presumes that the global technology leaders became key beneficiaries from the lockdown and facilitated transformation to the new economic paradigm – the online contactless economy with evolving digital infrastructure.

Our current contributors expressed their generally positive views on recent legislative initiatives in the sector, explaining the implications for the IT and telecom market. Our cover story hero, Peter Teluk from Sayenko Kharenko, argued how Ukraine can relocate investment flows towards itself in the "new normal" world.


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