Expert Opinion (#1-2 January-February 2021)

Infrastructure Development Through an Unsolicited PPP Proposal in Ukraine

by Volodymyr Yaremko, Vladlena Lavrushyna

Public-private partnership (PPP) can be described as a way of delegating provision of public and municipal services to the private sector. Due to commonplace budgetary constraints, PPP can be an efficient solution for tackling infrastructure issues that require both proper management and large investments. PPP enables the bringing of know-how, technologies and investments of the private sector to public infrastructure without eliminating public sector supervision. Taking into consideration the stage at which the Ukrainian infrastructure currently finds itself (see, for example, a presentation of the EBA Infrastructure Index) it is hard to imagine how, other than with solid investment from the private sector, the value of Ukraine’s infrastructure can increase significantly.

Volodymyr Yaremko is a counsel at Sayenko Kharenko
Vladlena Lavrushyna is an associate at Sayenko Kharenko

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