In Focus (#09 September 2013)

Postponed Launch

Evidently, the Ukrainian agribusiness sector is considered by many to be the most promising sector of the Ukrainian economy. Market players stand out for being extremely active in terms of M&A activity, attracting finance from banking and for operating on foreign capital markets.

Looking back at legislative developments, the sector has seen a number of landmark novelties in land regulation. These encompassed simplification of the procedure for land allocation, property rights transfer, documenting and registering rights to land plots. However, the discussions around the anticipated launch of the agricultural land market have not resulted in a reasonable legislative solution.

In starting the new business season, UJBL’s contributors address the issue of Ukrainian agribusiness, examining both general and very specific sectoral issues.

We would also like to thank all participants in this month’s discussion panel. It demonstrated fascinating interest on the part of experts to strengthen and enhance the activity of the Ukrainian competition authority.


Нарру reading, 
Olga Usenko

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