In Focus (#10 October 2017)

A Far-Reaching Approach

Business interests and subsequent planning are getting more sophisticated. Pure calculations, partner screening, legal due diligence are all a must but not enough to make strategic decisions. A farsighted approach includes Government Relations, policy impact assessment, stakeholder analysis, provision of technical expertise to policy-making actors. Foreign business is especially concerned about these issues prior to taking any steps towards future investments. In an ever-changing legal environment, it is proper diligence that may save a lot.

Having worked with law firms I would admit that the accent on Government Relations services has become more distinctive over the last couple of years. The scope of services declared differs slightly from one firm to another. But what is eye catching is that the credentials of legal counsels are sensitive for public disclosure. By the way, in many Western democracies law firms are officially listed in registers of lobbyists and have a great deal of influence.

Sayenko Kharenko, reinforcing its GR practice with admission of new business partner Alexey Starodubov, has supported the issue of the lobbying industry and ethical essentials and recognizes the lack of regulation of this field.

The UJBL team and its contributors presented the most sensitive topic with the most concrete details.

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